Our Dog Walkers Enjoy Dog Walking

What is a dog walker? A dog walker is professional whose job is to walk and/or play with your dog during the day for a set period of time. Your dog may be walked alone or with others depending on the dog walker. Besides dog walking, they can also bring in your mail or any packages left by your door. Lights can also be turned on for your arrival home after dark!  Sometimes some dog walkers will provide pet sitting services as well.

Reasons to Use  Dog Walking Services

Who would use a dog walking service? More people than you think!!! Each year, 50-60 million dog walking visits occur and that number is growing every year! Here are some scenarios where hiring a professional dog walker would be a huge help.

  • You work long days and you want Fido to get a mid-day potty break and exercise
  • Help potty train a puppy by providing a  break during the day
  • An older dog who may not be able to hold it as long as they used to
  • Exercise a young dog to burn off some energy or to help keep an older dog limber with exercise
  • As an owner, you are physically unable to exercise your dog as much as your pet needs and/or you would like
  • You work from home and not having to stop to walk your dog will help your productivity
  • You want/have to go to an after work event  and can’t make it home first to let Fido out
  • An early day at work means a longer than usual day for your pet to be home without a break
  • Your dog is recovering from an illness or injury and regular walks will help with recovery
  • Your to-do list has a to-do list and having a professional provide dog walking services is just plain helpful
  • A repair is needed in your home and you want your pet to not be in the house while it is occurring
  • You are having company over and it would be great for Fido to be exercised before they arrive but you have last minute prep to do
  • And many more scenarios too!

How to Find a Dog Walker

How do I find a professional dog walker? There are a few ways to find one. Pet Sitters International is an organization devoted to pet care professionals and has a listing of all their members and the services they provide. Local veterinarians and dog trainers will also know of dog walkers in the area. You can ask other pet owners for a referral. And there is always a Google search! Oftentimes, if one dog walker you contact does not service your area, they can provide a referral to one in your neighborhood.

Hiring  Dog Walking Services

What do I look for when hiring dog walking services? You don’t want to trust your pet’s care to just anyone so it is important to know the person/company you are hiring is reputable. Can they provide references? Are they insured and bonded? How much pet care experience do they have? Are they a regular dog walker or just do this on the side? Will they schedule a meet and greet ahead of time so I can meet them, they can meet my dog and I can show them where everything is located that they would need? How do they handle emergencies and inclement weather? Do they have a backup person? What is the cancellation policy?

How Much Does a Dog Walker Charge

What can I expect to pay? This will vary according to the area you live, how long of a walk you want your dog to have, how many dogs are in your household to be walked, and are your dog walking needs during business hours? In general, walks range from 30 to 60 minutes in length. A set walking time is not usually given but rather a block of time when your dog will be walked. This allows time for any traffic, emergencies or last minute add on walks by pet owners who had something unforeseen happen that necessitates them needing their dog walker. Pricing for walks again is dependent on a few variables however, on average, the starting range is $15-35 and payment is usually requested prior to the service. 

How Do I Prepare for My Dog Walker

How do I prepare for my dog walker? Any paperwork the dog walker needs to have filled out should be completed and be ready at the time of the first walk. You will also have already had your meet & greet and shown the walker where everything is. It should be agreed upon the best way to communicate any changes to each other (IE, you left the leash someplace else, or the kids are home from school so you’re not surprised when you walk in the door). When dog walking, the dog walker should know of any hazards in your neighborhood, for example unfenced dogs and any walking “quirks” your pet may have. Perhaps one of the best aspects of a dog walker is you can ask them to send you a photo of your dog on their walk so you can see how happy they are!
Once you have found a reliable dog walker, you will not know how you survived without them! Our dogs are important members of our family and it is reassuring to know they will have a more fun and comfortable day even if you are not there. And what a relief to know they had a potty break and exercise. 

 Dog walking can be fun and safe when you find the right service.  Give us a call at 919-201-7081 today.  We are professionals who love animals.