Two Girls and Leash, LLC was born when Barbara Venen and Kristine Remlinger bonded over a great mutual love of animals. Both grew up surrounded by (and continue to surround themselves with) pets and animals large and small, and have a deep respect for animal companions.


Barbara and Kristine know how important it is for people to know that their pets are well cared for all the time. They wanted to find a way to provide relief for pets when their humans work long hours and exercise for pets when their humans can’t accommodate due to physical or schedule restrictions. Peace of mind is their goal, and they want to provide reliable, honest, caring and intuitive pet care.


Kristine grew up with cats, dogs, fish, a rabbit and parakeets in New Jersey. She moved to North Carolina and made her home here in 2002, bringing her love of animals down south—she currently has four horses, six dogs, four cats, five goats and ducks on her farm. Kristine isn’t just an animal lover in her personal life—she’s worked as the practice manager for a local veterinary hospital and as a pet obedience trainer —making her a professional animal lover as well.Three of Kristine’s six dogs compete in agility events and one, Bella, competes at master levels.  When she’s not walking dogs, she enjoys creating jewelry and original photography to sell at the farmers market.

Barbara is a truly outdoor spirit; she loves nature, the great outdoors, and of course, animals. She has cared for her own pets and animals as well as others’ for many years prior to Two Girls and a Leash, and treats each as if they were her own. Although Barbara is fond of all dogs, the Beagle is the breed she turns to when she rescues. She’s also a seasoned horse rider and owner, and has managed her small farm since 2002. There’s a special place in Barbara’s heart for older animals. When she’s not loving on her pets or yours, Barbara loves photography, music, working on her farm, trail riding and yoga.